Cheap Car Rental South Africa

Do you rent a car one a regular basis, perhaps for business trips to other places? If so, you’ll be well aware how expensive it can be to use the regular rental companies. We have the solution, and we reckon it can save you a lot of money: it’s a scheme called RentMyRide, and it does away with the high overheads of having to maintain a fleet, as it doesn’t have one!

Instead, RentMyRide uses privately owned vehicles, each of which is guaranteed to be maintained to a high standard, and you simply enter your information on their website, and they match you up with suitable vehicles that are available when you need one, in your area. It’s taking the rental world by storm, so why not check out their website, and see how you can save money on your future cheap car rentals with RentMyRide.

Expert Cleaning Solutions Cape Town and Johannesburg

Are you looking for a company to provide ongoing, regular cleaning services in and around Cape Town or Johannesburg? If so, we strongly recommend you check out Extreme Clean, a company with a strong reputation for a wide range of cleaning services and solutions. They have been in the business for many years and have a wide range of satisfied customers, and can offer a one-off service or a regular cleaning routine. Now easily pest control fourways any time available for you.

Extreme Clean can also help with window cleaning and pest control, and offer a full service in all areas. You can check out their credentials on the website, and ask for a quote. We are know as carpet cleaners Johannesburg and our service is best in the market. With a reputation for sensible prices and excellent service, you can rely upon Extreme Clean to get the job done to the highest standards every single time, so get in touch now, and one of the team will be happy to discuss your requirements. we are ultimate carpet cleaners with all the solutions to your problems with cleans.

AquaClean is a Key to the Future

Our planet is a wonderful place, yet it is one we have changed immeasurably during the year’s man has populated it. Not, it should be said, always for the better, and sometimes quite drastically. The future depends upon us treating Earth with due respect, and this is why it is vital we look at ways to ensure the soil is fertile. Soil is, in many ways, the key to the future, which is where AquaClean comes in. We can see aquaculture in south africa is getting so much importance now, So is why we are here for you. So you can see this is the best water treatment system available in today’s era.

AquaClean is a range of micro-biological treatments for soil and water, and is used widely in agriculture, aquaculture and industry with great success. It is manufactured by Blue Planet SA, the leading name in such products in South Africa, with a highly-regarded research team who are constantly looking for new breakthrough developments. Have a look at the Blue Planet SA website now if this is something you could use, and one of the team will be happy to help. This biological wastewater treatment systems are best in the industry and we are trying are best to improve it even more.

Clear Blocked Drains Quickly

Blockages in your drainage system can come about in many ways. Outdoor drains can be affected by debris such as leaves and mud, indoors it could be you have accidentally let something solid into the system. In all cases, however, it is vital that you get the blockages cleared quickly, and sometimes this needs the attention of an expert. For homes and businesses in and around Durban, this means talking to the experts at Drain Blasters, the leading name in plumbing solutions in the region. Now you can find best plumbers Durban 24/7 near you.

Drain Blasters uses the latest detection and removal techniques to deal with even the trickiest blockages, and will attend to your problem quickly and efficiently. They have a team of experts who are highly trained in the field, and you will find their service to be both professional and affordable. Get in touch with Drain Blasters now for a quote, or to have them attend to an emergency. Our drain camera inspection helps to sort problem as early as possible and make the work more easier. So our service is suppose to be one of the best plumbing service in Durban.

Help with South African Immigration Laws

Immigration in South Africa can be a complex area, especially when there are updates to visa requirements. Getting it wrong can mean major problems, for both individuals and corporations, so professional help is a necessity. You need to find immigration lawyers in South Africa with expertise in this very specialised area, and that company is Black Pen, where you can draw upon the expertise of a team of South African and German lawyers and experts who will help you with a wide variety of solutions.

Black Pen was established specifically to help with your permanent residency in South Africa issues , and has put together a team that is absolutely second to none in the field. They work with both individuals and companies to ensure that the correct procedures are followed and the right applications are made, and have a reputation for excellence across the board. Checkout the Black Pen website now, and get in touch for your free assessment.

Expert Help with Secretarial Services

Are you losing business thanks to spending too much of your valuable time attending to regular and required secretarial and statutory routines? Would it be helpful if you could enlist the services of a professional company specialising in such services, at sensible rates and with guaranteed expertise in the field?

Kilgetty Statutory Services is the name you need to remember, as they provide a full range of solutions dealing with all areas of secretarial and regulatory requirements in South Africa, and they can help no matter the size or scope of your business. They are experts in all areas of business law in the country, and are more than happy to help whatever it is you need.

With a friendly and professional approach at all times you will find, as many already have, that Kilgetty Statutory Services are pleasure to work with, so check out their website now or get in touch and see how they can help.