How To Register A Business – The Importance Of Business Registration


You are required to get your business registered before starting with the operations and this goes not only for South Africa but for all the countries and states of the world. There are large scale advantages of getting a business registered in South Africa. If you know how to register your business then it will be all the more possible for you to open bank accounts in the name of your business. You also get the scope of securing the name of your business and enjoy protection under law.

Why is it Important to register a Business?

You should never fail in registering your business because this will get you exposed to liabilities that might arise due to the use of a business name owned by some other company. You might even have to lose your business because of this confusion. Some methods of getting your business registered are as follows:

How To Register A BusinessFill in a DBA Form for registering Sole Proprietorship

If you want to research different business names that you are interested in then you must use the internet for going through the website of the county clerk. This will get you good business names which you might be interested in ensuring that the names are available for use. Once you get hold of the name you are interested in, fill in a DBA or Doing Business As form. After filling in the form you might have to make a payment. This gives you a separate identity as a business owner and will also give you the DBA certificate.

Use Comptroller or State Secretary Website for Registering Different Business Types

You will have to make use of the Comptroller’s or the Sate Secretary’s website for registering partnership or Corporation or a Limited Liability Business in place of a Sole Proprietorship. Carry out a thorough research on the business names available and try understanding the different business formation alternatives and even the differences. Once you get hold of the formation alternative of your choice, get your business registered and make the payment of the applicable fees by making use of your debit or your credit card. Once you are over with this procedure, your business gets a separate identity in the form of a Corporation or a LLC.

Get your Business Registered by Attorneys or Brokers

There are many business attorneys and brokers in South Africa operating with the aim of aiding business owners with their business registration. Carry out a thorough research of such entities and try contacting them. They are suitable for your business concerns because they do all the required formalities for you at a very nominal fee. They are not very expensive and they give you the flexibility of relaxing with all the complications of getting a business registered. Getting a business registered is not a very difficult thing to do if you have an idea about the steps that you need to follow.