What You Need To Know About Lie Detector Tests For Your Employees

When you need to screen job seekers or review existing personnel, you might think about what options you could utilize to determine their sincerity or truthfulness. Maybe you have even thought of using a lie detector test as another approach in your strategy to determine if a candidate is genuine or to shed light on challenges and disputes in the place of work. Before you choose to go down that road, you should understand the legal implications of requesting your current or prospective workers to undergo a lie detector test.

When is an employer allowed to use a lie detector test?

  • Typically, businesses are allowed to take advantage of the polygraph to investigate particular incidents where:
  • Personnel had accessibility to property which is the topic of the investigation;
  • There exists a justifiable suspicion that the staff member was involved in the occurrence;
  • There has been financial loss or damage to the company’s property like theft;
  • The employer is dealing with dishonesty in roles of trust;
  • The company is struggling with severe alcohol usage, unlawful drugs or narcotics misuse along with deceptive conduct within the organisation;
  • The employer is battling intentional falsification of paperwork and deception concerning the valid identification of individuals involved.

Rights of an employee with regards to a lie detector test.

It is against the Constitution of South Africa to force an individual to undertake a lie detector test, except when he or she agrees. The consent should be in black and white.

Polygraph testing is a relatively new idea in South Africa, particularly in conflicts concerning work relationships. There aren’t any legal guidelines at this stage to regulate the use of a lie detector test or to protect the worker’s right against the misuse of the test.

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How accurate is the lie detector test?